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  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

  • Helpline Numbers for HMRC

    Self-Assessment - 0300 200 3310

    Income Tax - 0300 200 3300

    National Insurance - 0300 200 3500

    Tax for Employers - 0300 200 3200

    VAT - 0300 200 3700

    Construction Industry Scheme - 0300 200 3210

    HMRC online Services Helpdesk

    Tax Credits - 0345 300 3900

  • Key dates for submissions/payments


    31st October - Deadline for submission of paper Tax Return to HMRC

    30th December - Deadline for submitting Tax Return to HMRC if you want any tax collected through your PAYE Coding (under £3,000)

    31st January - Deadline for Submission of online Tax Return to HMRC

    31st January - Balance of any Tax, NI, and Student Loan owing to HMRC must be paid


    Corporation Tax/Ltd Company

    Corporation Tax payments are due 9 months and 1 day following your financial year end

    e.g. – Year End is 31 December 2016.  Any Corporation Tax owed must be paid by 1 October 2017



    Under RTI (“Real Time Information”), an employer must file details of any payments made to employees on or before the date that a payment is made to the employee.

    Payments of PAYE and NI must reach HMRC by the 19th of the month following the tax month in which the salary payment was made, if paying by cheque, or by the 22nd of the month if paying electronically.

     NB - if the 19th or 22nd falls on a weekend or bank holiday, payment must reach them on the last working day BEFORE the weekend or holiday.


    19th April - Final submission must be made to HMRC under RTI for the year, including answering the “end of year questions”

    31st May – P60’s to be given to all employees

    31st May – P11d’s to be filed with HMRC



    CIS submissions must reach HMRC by the 19th of each month.

    e.g. – Period 6 May to 5 June must be filed by 19 June



    Paper filing – VAT Return and payment must be received by HMRC by last day of the following month of the VAT Return period.

    Online filing – VAT Return and payment must be received by HMRC by day seven of the second month following the last day of the VAT Return period.

  • Accounting Software (Xero)

    If you are thinking of moving onto an online cloud based accounting system we have lots of experience with various accounts packages, for example Sage, Quickbooks, Zoho but we would recommend you try out Xero.


    Xero is a simple, intuitive system that allows you to keep up-to-date with your financial records whenever you want to by logging in on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. If you want real-time cashflow information, quick bank reconciliation, professional invoicing along with a host of other great advantages then Xero is the system for you.


    As an accredited user, we can assist with setting you up and getting you familiarised with the system and our Xero certified adviser is on hand to help with any queries. This system would allow us to log-in at any time to review your figures without you having to drop off any paperwork at our office, saving you time and any inconvenience.

  •  Tax calculator

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